Sydney Blues Challenge

The 2021 International Blues Challenge in Memphis Tennessee
was cancelled due to COVID-19.
We hope to be able to run the Sydney Blues Challenge again later this year (2021)

2019 Sydney Blues Challenge

Stormcellar (Band) and Ray Beadle (solo)
represented the Sydney Blues Society at the
International Blues Challenge
held in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in January 2020.

The Solo/Duo Challenge concluded on Sunday, 21st July 2019.

And the Winner was:

Ray Beadle

The Competitors were:

Blue Rock (Duo)
Greg Nunan (Solo)
Ray Beadle (Solo)

The Band Challenge concluded on Sunday, 14th July 2019.

And the Winners were:


The Competitors were:
Drey Rollan Band
Eyre ‘n’ The Blues
The New South Trio

The 2018 SBC Winners were:

Milena Barrett Band

Chris O’Connor (Solo)

The 2017 SBC Winners were:

No band challenge was held

Buddy and Goori Knox (Duo)

The 2016 SBC Winners were:

PJ O’Brien Band

Chris J Raggatt and Kelvin Carlsson
(as CJ Raggatt Duo)

The 2015 SBC Winners were:

Matt Roberts Trio

Chris Okunbor (Solo)

The 2014 SBC Winners were:

The Lachy Doley Group

Darren Jack (Solo)

The 2013 SBC Winners were:

Milena Barrett & Mal Eastick Project

Chris O’Connor (Solo)

The 2012 SBC Winners were:

Darren Jack Hammond Organ Trio

Doggn’ It Blues (Duo)

The 2011 SBC Winners were:

Buddy Knox Blues Band

Dr Don’s Double Dose (Duo)
Don Hopkins & Rob Grosser came 2nd overall in the 2012 IBC in Memphis Tennessee

The 2010 SBC Winners were:

Michelle Van der Meer’s Midnight Ramblers

Isaiah B Brunt (Solo)

The 2009 SBC Winners were:

Ali Penney & The Money Makers

First Solo / Duo Challenge
Steve Innes & Bill Gunther

No Sydney Blues Challenge in 2008

The 2007 SBC Winner was:

Ray Beadle Band

The 2006 SBC Winner was:

The Stayers (Trio)

The 2005 SBC Winner was:

PJ O’Brien Band

The 2004 SBC Winner was:

Finn (Band)

First Sydney Blues Challenge held in 2003,
and the Winner was:

Jan Preston (Solo)